Hustle… a state of great activity (as so defined by the dictionary). Yes millennials, you SHOULD be hustling – or attempting to at the very least. We as millennials are making a huge impact on the world already, and our potential is only going to skyrocket. Some would say we are entitled, lazy, arrogant, and narcissistic (sheesh, but really… those are some of the stereotypes). In fact, we don’t think we could be more opposite to those labels. Allow us to inspire you to get your hustle on…

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Millennials, How & Why You Should Be Hustling

Why Hustle?

Millennial’s don’t want to just read about things in the news… we actually want to do something about it. We are innovative. We want to make an impact on our community, we have a message we want the whole world to hear. We simply want to give our lives purpose and meaning and escape the 9 to 5, slaving away for the same routine day after day. To do this, the only answer is to go out on our own and breathe something we are passionate about. What are you passionate about? Music, blogging, politics, arts & crafts, technology… the list is endless. You CAN make your passion your project and your purpose. But, you gotta start hustling.

Do Not Give Up Your Day Job Just Yet

“I will always remember the best piece of advice I was given when I once wanted to become a professional musician – never quit your day job.” – Amanda.

Unless you can replace your 9 to 5 income with your hustling income… then go ahead and quit. But, as much as we want to pursue our passions, the harsh reality is that we still need to pay the bills and well, money STILL doesn’t grow on trees. There are people out there who work 10-12 hour days, and when they get home, they spend the rest of their night working on their side hustle. If these people can do it, so can you. All you need is dedication, passion, discipline, a strong work ethic, and the desire to change your life… self-motivation is key.

How Do I Hustle?

Your side hustle can legit be anything. Answer us this one simple question? What are you passionate about? For us, we’re passionate about finance and we wanted a way to communicate how crucial it is for millennials to develop their financial knowledge… and to stop pushing it aside. So, we started our side hustle – this blog. We NEVER thought it would get to a stage where we could see it as being a business opportunity. And now that we do, we’re hustling hard to make it happen.

Building your side hustle comes down to 2 simple core fundamentals.  1. Choose what you’re passionate about and 2. choose your platform. Our passion is money and lifestyle inspiration, our platform is our website, Instagram, Facebook etc. You may also decide to firstly choose your platform, and then what you’re passionate about. Do which ever works for you. Let’s take Uber for example. You’re main passion in life probably isn’t driving people around. However, Uber is a great platform to make some extra cash (and get some experience being your own boss) so you can then invest this cash into your own side hustle. Aussies, if you’ve ever thought about signing up, just click below… it’s that easy. Plus, you’ll meet a lot of people… perhaps even beneficial connections for your side hustle.

The End Goal is Lifestyle Freedom – Not just Financial Freedom

Instead of using the term financial freedom, we like to now use ‘lifestyle freedom’ because life isn’t always about the moola. We define lifestyle freedom as having complete freedom to do what makes you happy, all of the time, regardless of a price tag and what time of day it is… being able to do those things that you’re passionate about and that makes your heart happy. Lifestyle freedom comes AFTER financial freedom. You may achieve financial freedom through working a high paying job (probably working long hours). However, you won’t necessarily have the luxury of time. You now need to take your thinking to the next level and start focusing on what it is you want your lifestyle to be like. This is going to fuel the drive and work ethic for your hustle.

What’s My Next Step?

Okay hustling readers, it’s time to brainstorm ideas for your own business and get cracking. Firstly, we have some great resources to help you out and get your thoughts organised (they’re free!). Download the ‘Hustle Mindmap’ which will help you start brainstorming ideas and get the creative juices flowing. Click the button below to join our tribe to gain access to our library of resources and share this journey with your fellow millennials.

DON’T put this off any longer. Seriously, if we kept saying we’d start a blog tomorrow, we’d be prolonging our lifestyle freedom even further. That and we actually love what we do. Your hustle will probably not be a get rich quick scheme (please tell us your secrets if it is!) so there is no day like the present to even just start thinking about it. Start shifting your mindset, and start hustling!

Hustle hard. Hustle often.

Love Always,

Amanda & Julia xx