Be kind to yourself financially…

The world continues to revolve around money, but overall, it’s just another form of payment. As an individual, it’s easy to become consumed by how much we have, how much we don’t have, how much we earn, how to save, and the list goes on. Ultimately, money runs our lives, our emotions and how we act. It causes us stress, worry, anxiety, which in turn affects our health.

Guess what, we say it’s time to stop!

Time to stop putting pressure on ourselves regarding our personal finances. It’s time to start having a better and healthier relationship with our money.

8 Ways on how to be kind to yourself financially

Here are our steps on how to be kinder to yourself financially:

#1 Accept Your Situation

Majority of us are probably not where we want to be financially… and that’s ‘A-Okay’! There’s plenty of room for improvement. But becoming rich does not happen overnight (unless you win the lotto but please, “ain’t nobody got time for that”). Your financial journey will be one of failures and successes, disappointment, and excitement. So, accept the situation you’re in with your finances, and know that it’s not forever and that you can make it better.

#2 Don’t Compare Your Riches – Be Kind

In this day and age social media is everywhere. You can’t avoid it. The internal instinct of wanting to “keep up with the Joneses” is detrimental… financially and mentally. You scroll through Instagram or Facebook and see that Susie has just been on a three-week escapade through Europe, Johnny just bought a new house, and Marko has just bought a new car (one you’ve been dreaming about). This financial envy will cause many a heartache. Change your overall perspective on “things,” and those people. You don’t know other’s individual situations and how they came about their riches… for all you know they could have taken out a personal loan to travel Europe, a mortgage at an extremely high-rate, and a lease on a vehicle that isn’t in their budget. You just don’t know, so don’t compare… “Comparison is the thief of joy” -Theodore Roosevelt

#3 You Need A Budget

Chances are, you will worry a lot less if you know exactly where your money is going, as opposed to just frivolously spending it and having no idea where your paycheck went. We’ve all been there. ’Somehow’ that one night out ended up taking all your savings for that week. Naturally we just accept it as a write-off and say we’ll save more next week… and the same thing happens and a cycle of unkind behaviour begins. Respect your bank account and give it the love it deserves by creating a budget that fits your lifestyle. Not sure how to start a budget? There are plenty of resources out there to help you out.

#4 Don’t Set Unrealistic Boundaries

Yes, we said you need a budget… but don’t set unrealistic boundaries for yourself. Don’t set yourself such strict boundaries that you stress over your own budget. This is damaging to your overall goals, as well as your current state of mind. You will work yourself up and cause unnecessary stress. You should be excited on pay-day receiving money you’ve worked hard for, so with realistic boundaries and budgeting you can still feel that enthusiasm and not feel overwhelmed with having to be so frugal to stick to unrealistic boundaries. You shouldn’t be overcome with guilt, which leads us to our next step.

#5 It’s Ok to Treat Yourself

No, not every week, but every once in a while don’t feel bad if you end up spending a few hundred or so on some new outfits, or items that you’ve had your eye on and can’t stop thinking about. For example, you might only shop when there are hardcore savings going on (new year and end of financial year) and leave the months in between to stash some cash away. Or put away $20-30 a week so you can treat yourself to a nice dinner. If you can spare some of your budget so you can live life a little, do it. Don’t feel guilty or ashamed for treating yourself. After all, you have worked hard for this money.

#6 Take The Pressure Off

There’s no point stressing day in and day out about money. It’ll get you nowhere except sprouting more grey hairs.  Instead, formulate a plan on how to repay your debt or increase your income. They say the 9-5 job won’t ever make you wealthy, and that’s probably true. So, hustle hard and find something you’re passionate about that you can turn into a business. But don’t put too much pressure on yourself that it eventually affects your health… health should always be the forefront.

#7 Talk To Your Friends & Family

For most, the biggest support system anyone could have would be family and then add to it with friends. Sometimes we can get wrapped up in the idea that our finances are our own problem (aka we are all alone) and that it can be embarrassing to discuss your current situation. However, if you sit and ponder your financial struggles, triumphs, anything… you may harbour the chance of increasing unwarranted stress. Talk to your friends about money, it doesn’t have to be in-depth… but you might find that some friends have small debts, or big debts, or no debt at all… and they might have mixed feelings, but also some helpful insight. You may feel less isolated after talking about those ‘embarrassing’ things you might not be comfortable with.

#8 Talk To Your Friends & Family, Again to Stay Kind

You’re probably thinking we’ve already said this step… but this is in a different way. Yes, your friends and family are there to support you (hopefully). If you have a savings goal, tell them you want to cut back on eating out or on other activities that cost money. It’s easy for our friends and family to influence the way we spend our money and usually we give in. If they know you’re trying to save and are serious about it, they won’t tempt you with money-spending activities… and if they do, you ought to find someone who will help keep you to your word. It might be best to have a general idea if the person you want as your confidant, shares the same respect for money and the same goals.
Have you ever been hard on yourself financially? Did you decide it was time to stop? Let us know in the comments below!

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Stay kind.

Love Always,

Amanda & Julia xx



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  1. Great post! You are absolutely right we have to get a better relationship with our money and hold ourselves accountable for how we handle our finances. Great ideas especially the budget.

    1. Looks like we’ve added you to our list 🙂 you should get an email from us with 24 hours with information on how to access our library!

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