Oh coconut oil, how we love you. For us girls (and guys), you’ve really helped us ditch expensive products we don’t need and live a life of purity. You have so many uses we are grateful for and it’s about time we shed some light on you.

9 Beauty Hack Using Coconut That Will Save You Money

Ok, so we are obsessed with coconut oil, but we’re pretty sure the rest of the world is too. Did you ever think though that buying a jar of coconut oil for say $12, can actually save you a hell of a lot more money?
* Note, the total savings figures are only approximations based on our experience of beauty products. It may differ for each individual.

#1 Shaving Cream Using Coconut Oil

Ladies, if you don’t know this secret already you’ve seriously been missing out. Stop buying shaving cream, and use coconut oil instead. Oh, and you won’t even need moisturising cream! Double bonus. Do yourself a favour and make the switch. Just be sure to rinse out your razor REALLY well and have a wet cloth handy to get rid of any excess hairs on your skin.
Total Saving: $6

#2 Hair Moisturizer

Amanda: I have such a hard time dealing with my hair on a daily basis and have gone through so many shampoo brands because NOTHING works! The days I wash my hair, I put about 2-3 tablespoons through the strands a few hours before I shower. My hair feels so healthy after this and I don’t need to buy expensive shampoo either because this is my key ingredient.
Total Saving: $15 (depending on brand and other leave-in hair products you buy)

#3 Coconut Oil Body Scrub

Coconut oil has a serious moisturising property so it’s perfect for making DIY body scrubs. If you’re looking for a great recipe we found a super easy one we can’t wait to try. Just click here.
Total Saving: $10

#4 Treatment for Psoriasis

The experts suggest to use Extra Virgin Coconut Oil for this one. This type of coconut oil contains the same fatty acids found on the outer layer of your cells, so absorption is really strong without leaving the skin greasy. If you want to find out more head over to the Smart Psoriasis Diet by clicking here.
Total Saving: $15 (based on special shampoo or other products used to treat psoriasis)

#5 Lip Balm

Again, coconut oil contains a massive moisturising property, so it’s perfect for winter time when our lips get super chapped. Grab a small tin or a plastic pot and scoop in some coconut oil to take on the go. If it’s Winter you won’t have any problems with it liquefying, just watch out for those Summer heat waves though. The last thing you want is coconut oil going right through your handbag.
Total Saving: $5

#6 Treat Dark Circles & Puffiness

We’ve all had those mornings when you wake up and you have some serious eye baggage going on. Usually for us girls, our go to is to cake on the makeup but there’s a better way to do this. If your coconut oil is in solid form, warm some up between your fingertips and pat it on underneath your eyes. You can seriously save yourself SO much on eye creams. Those buggers are expensive!
Total Saving: $30

#7 Get The Dewy Skin Look

Guys this applies to you as well, except take away the makeup part for you (unless you use foundation, that’s totally cool). Girls, there is no need to buy an expensive primer that is meant to ‘highlight’ or ‘brighten’ when you’ve got coconut oil. Invest in drug store primer (for the sake of keeping your makeup on all day), but allow the coconut oil to give you the highlights. You can mix a tiny bit in with your foundation or sunscreen to achieve a dewy, natural glow without the price tag.
Total Saving: $20-$30 (depending on the primer)

#8 Makeup Remover

Who would have thought?! The new thing going in the makeup remover world is micellar water, which works a treat and isn’t too expensive. But you’ve already bought the coconut oil for other uses, so you may as well get the most of it and use it as a makeup remover as well!
Total Saving: $5-$10

#9 See Ya Frizz

Frizz is the worst! Especially when you’ve got somewhere to be. If you experience this, just put a bit of coconut oil through the strands (seriously though, don’t overdo it otherwise you’ll just end up with oily hair) and frizz be gone!
Total Saving: $10

Have you tried any of these uses yet? Got any others for us that we haven’t mentioned? Tell us in the comments below!

Stay beautiful,

Amanda & Julia





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